Canopy tents are great for outdoor events and activities, protecting guests and belongings from the elements and acting as focal points for people to gather. Making the right choice depends on a number of factors, so here are four important considerations for picking the right canopy tent for your next event.

Size and style

Large gatherings like weddings will require lots of space and good ventilation – about 12 sq ft per person. Smaller events might require less space (10×10 ft is a common size), but consider what the tent is being used for. For example, if catering for a large group, you might need a larger tent to stop people knocking their heads every time they step in and out. If using the tent for promotional events, such as a market, perhaps opt for coloured stripes for added attraction.

Portability and assembly

Ease of assembly is an important factor, particularly if you are setting up on your own. Another practical issue is whether the tent will fit in your vehicle for transport. Review the weight of the tent, particularly if it needs to be carried a fair distance by hand.

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Think about durability

For short term use, and if reasonably sure of decent weather, a lightweight canopy tent could be an ideal choice. A heavy-duty tent might be in order to withstand the tougher side of nature, particularly for heavy rain, or at the beach. Consider numbers of people too. Tents are bound to get bumped into, and if there are lots of people you might want to opt for a stronger frame.

Accessories and furniture

Always account for furnishings and any added extras you might need. An event like a speech or a conference, for example, generally requires less space for movement but increased chair rental. Events with sit down meals need to account for table space, and possibly waiting staff, as well as extra room to move around. For uncertain weather, consider investing in walls for added protection.

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