Planning for efficient portable toilet or sanitation is critical to the success of an outdoor event. Here are five tips for efficient use of portable toilets in your upcoming event:

1. Rent enough portable toilets

A miscalculation by event coordinators can be the reason you see long queues. To avoid this, call your sanitation rental provider, give them the details of your event, and adhere to their recommendations. For every 1000 people, eight toilets are recommended for every four hours of the event. However, you may have to increase the number by 20% if alcohol is served.

Factors that determine the number of portable toilets required for an event include:

• The kind of foods being served
• If the guests are consuming alcohol
• The number of patrons expected
• The type of crowd and their activities
• The duration of the event
• The type of event being staged

2. Provide sufficient toilet signage

Your guests shouldn’t have to hunt for the washroom area at your event. Make sure that the maps of your event – handed out at the gate or posted on your website – include the toilet area. Toilet signage with arrows throughout the event’s ground is critical in directing your visitors to the restrooms.

3. Arrange them in a U-shape

Consider arranging the toilets in a U-shape as opposed to a straight line, especially if you are hosting a huge event like a marathon. This makes it easier for guests to spot an unoccupied restroom and approach it swiftly.

4. Provide separate hand washing stations

Guests spend more time in the toilet if handwashing options are not provided at an event. Most of this time is spent trying to figure out how to sanitize their hands or trying to avoid touching anything. If separate handwashing stations are provided, people tend to get in and out of the toilet faster and keep the queue moving.

5. Have several toilet areas

It doesn’t matter whether you have enough toilets, queues tend to move slower if many people are gathered in one toilet area. This congestion leaves guests nudging each other trying to figure out who is in what line, so make sure you have a number of different toilet stations set up across the grounds.

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