An outdoor event can be particularly tricky to organize, as many of the amenities that come with an indoor location will not be available, and so you will have to take measures to ensure that every essential resource is taken care of. Sanitation services, in particular, are vital for an outdoor event to run smoothly, so we’ve compiled a list of the most essential pieces of sanitation equipment you’ll need to ensure your outdoor event is a success.

Portable toilets

Nothing is more essential than having access to a restroom at any event, particularly if you’re serving food. At an outdoor event, in particular, you will have to organize your own bathroom access for your guests, which is where portable toilets come in. These can be moved from place to place so you can put them in the ideal spot so your guests can access them easily. In order to provide for absolutely everyone, make sure you also offer handicap portable toilets, so everyone can enjoy your event without experiencing any issues.

Portable hand wash

If you’re providing access to outdoor restrooms, it’s essential to have handwashing equipment available, too. A portable handwash is ideal as you can place them close by your restrooms for the comfort of your guests. Don’t forget to provide hand soap and paper towels, too!

Portable trash can

Cleaning up after any event can be a chore, and if you’re renting out an outdoor space, it will probably be part of the contract that you have to leave everything exactly as you found it. Providing portable trash cans for your guests will ensure that the majority of waste is contained, cutting down on the time you’ll have to spend dealing with the aftermath of your event. If you’re serving food, make sure you have plenty of trash cans situated all around the area where people will be eating, so they can easily dispose of their waste. Trash cans with wheels are great, as they can be removed and emptied easily. Make sure you have plenty of trash can liner bags on hand too – you don’t want to run out and have nowhere for your guests to dispose of their litter! Check out our range of sanitation products for your outdoor event here.